10 Natural Wood Round Scoops, 4" Long


Vendor: My Craft Supplies

These natural, unpainted scoops are just the right size for personalized gifts. The notch at the end allows you to tie these on with jute, twine, or other cord to top off a handmade gift like bath salts, baking mixes, soup mixes, bath powders, or anything else you make that needs scooping. 

You can stain, paint, embellish, or burnish them for personalized look. Perfect for events with a farmhouse, outdoor, rustic or harvest look!

Scoops measure 4" long, including handle, and are 1 inch wide. The longest side of scoop is approximately 2 inches long, and the short edge of the scoop is 1/2 inch long. Holds about a tablespoon.

Set of 10.

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