100 1/2 lb Glassine Gusseted Bags 3 x 1.5 x 6.75 Inches, Food Safe


Vendor: Unspecified

Our glassine bags are multi purpose, and also FDA and USDA approved for use with food. They are great for organizing, filing, snacks, party favors, boutique or bakery items, or organizing special little papers. They are gusseted, which means instead of being flat, they have folded edges along the length that expands. Bags measure 3 inches wide by 6.75 inches long. The long side has 1.5 inch gussets. The 3 inch side does not have any gussets. These are great for holding egg rolls, veggie dogs (or corn dogs if you insist!), bread sticks, cookies, scones, etc.

These bags are grease resistant. The coating will allow stickers and a smear-proof ink for stamping, such as Stayz-On.

You can also just tie some divine twine or jute around it to gift wrap a small gift. :)

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