225 Ft Roll of Natural Jute Twine


Vendor: Unspecified

Natural Jute Twine is perfect for the natural look when you are making crafts, wrapping presents, or decorating. This 3 ply twine is considered a 'medium weight' but very strong for crafting. This is a natural, rustic twine and there may be fibers, etc within the twine.

Note: Natural, unbleached hemp cord has a distinct odor - sometimes described as a horse, or a barnyard. :) This is normal on raw, unused hemp, and the smell WILL fade. Most of our hemp is pretty mild! When it's concentrated in a roll, it will smell stronger than when braided in to jewelry or wrapped around an invitation or gift. As you use it, you will find that the smell will go away automatically as it is exposed to air. If you want to speed up the process, you can put the roll in the sun, preferably in the grass, where the chlorophyll will help it along.

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