Maya Road Bakers Twine - Choose Your Colors, 100 Yard Each.


Vendor: Maya Road

Deliciously colored bakers twine is available in affordable 100 yard rolls.  It's perfect for wrapping up presents, tying around gift cards, gift tags or greeting cards, merchandise wrapping, scrapbooking, along with loads of other crafts! All twines are mixed with white, except for the ecru-metallic blends.

Choose a color! Colors Correspond with the Numbers on the Main Photo. (Click on photo to enlarge)

1. Candy (Red,Pink, White)
2. Celery Green (Green and White)
3. Blueberry (Blue and White)
4. Lavender (Lavender and White) (discontinued)
5. Ecru w/Gold Metallic - 
6. Blackberry (Black and White)
7. Blue Corn (Light Blue, Dark Blue and White) (discontinued)
8. Blue Mojito (Blue, Green and White) (discontinued)
9. Pink Lemonade (Pink and White)
10. Double Berry - AKA Air Mail (Red, White, Blue) 
11. Dandelion (Green, Yellow, White)~
12. Harvest (Black, Orange, White)
13. Ecru w/Silver Metallic -  (discontinued)
14. Dark Brown (Brown and White) (discontinued)
15. Slushie Blue (Light Blue and White) (discontinued)
16. Tomato Red (Red and White)
17. Christmas (Red, Green and White) (discontinued)
18. Wheatgrass (Dark Green and White) (discontinued)
19. Tiramisu (Light Brown and White) (discontinued)
20. Saffron (Yellow and White) (discontinued)
21. Clementine Orange (Orange and White)
100% Cotton~ Bio-degradable ~ 4-Ply Construction ~ Not tested for food safety ~ One 100-yard spool
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