Hemptique Hemp Cord Card - 'Natural' Cord Color in 4 Sizes (104 Feet Total)


Vendor: Hemptique

This set contains 4 thicknesses of natural ecru hemp cord on this easy to store card, for a total of 104 feet of hemp twine. It's perfect for jewelry, packaging, etc. This collection also introduces to to the various thicknesses and strengths of hemp cord.

41 feet of 10lb cord
29 feet of 20lb cord
19 feet of 36lb cord
15 feet of 48lb cord

Hemptique’s hemp cord and twine can be used for scrapbooking, making cards, tying packages, or in your kitchen projects. It's strong and eco-friendly.

100% Hemp
Attributes: Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, AZO-Free Dye, and Oil Free.

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