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100 Self Adhesive Tin Ties. Use for DIY Face Masks as Nose Bars, 5.5" Long, 5/16" Wide. Made in the USA, Multiple Colors Available


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Handy self-adhesive coffee bag tin ties are good for sealing coffee bags, closing paper bags, OR USE FOR DIY MASKS. We carry black, white, gold and silver.

• 5 1/2 inch Long
• 5/16 inch Wide
• 3 1/2 inch Adhesive Strip will hold in place while you sew.
• Made in the USA. 
• Virgin Polyethelene and double row of 23g wire.
• These are plastic and metal only - no paper, and they will not disintegrate when washed. Air dry for best results, or dry on low.

Please read below: Many patterns for homemade DIY face masks call for some type of wire to use on the nose area so you can gently fold it to fit the bridge of your nose and help reduce air gaps. Some wires, like thin twist ties or pipe cleaners, may not hold in place very well. A lot of DIYers have turned to coffee ties because they have double wires and are plastic. Please see photos for examples.

Many sewers are using THIS coffee bag tin tie.

Each piece is self-adhesive PEEL and STICK and MUST BE CUT TO FIT. You may find that half a strip is good for you or you may need to cut one slightly larger, depending on the size of your face and bridge of your nose. Cut it to fit. Use the adhesive backing to help hold it into place while you sew it on. The adhesive is in the center, not on the edges. Please see photos for examples.

Although it does have an adhesive backing, it is recommended that you sew it in place with a needle and thread or insert it into binding. You don't want it to pop off while you are wearing it.

We are sewing them onto our masks with our sewing machine, as shown in one of the example photos. It can also be sewn between the two pieces of your fabric to hide it. We use a standard sewing machine needle with a loose stitch of 3.5 to 4. We also keep an alcohol pad handy to wipe down the needle if the adhesive builds up. This helps to prevent thread from breaking. 

We have not hand sewn these, but we received a tip from a customer that she prefers a denim needle.

Our family has chosen a free pattern from Suay LA (google it) which uses shop towels as the base material. The shape is comfortable and has a chin gusset for better fit. You can use her free pattern or choose any pattern available that appeals to you. A pattern is NOT included with this order of coffee ties. You are buying peel and stick coffee bag ties, one set of your choice in color of 100 pieces.

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