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My Craft Supplies!

We've been selling craft supplies since 2011 on Etsy, and in 2013 started as a dedicated shop for our various Etsy stores. We sell on Etsy as Wrapworks, Sheercolors and CelloBags - and now you can get them all in the same shopping cart here!

Another exciting aspect of having our own shop is being able to sell more supplies than we've been allowed to in the past. Some companies don't want to be sold on Etsy or eBay. And some items just don't fall in to the acceptable categories at Etsy, although they are relevant to our other lines - like twine holders, organizers, and desk accessories. We have many goodies on the way!

Be sure to follow My Craft Supplies® on Twitter and like us on Facebook, so you can be the first to know about discounts and new products in the store!
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